At My Corner

Somebody asked me the other night, somebody said, well, why I did a live album in New Orleans? I said, "Well, why not? Ya dig?"

When Maze's lead singer, Frankie Beverly, spoke those words, he instantly became one of New Orleans' native sons - though he was neither born there nor lived there for an extended amount of time. We, Louisianans, are like that. You love us and we love you right back. We embrace those who recognize our uniqueness, our spirituality, our culture, and our zest for life. In the same vein, I'm sure someone may wonder, "Why name your blog, At My Corner?" What does a corner have to do with anything?

Honestly, I could have called this blog many things. I played around with a number of names. Actually, the name with which my sister and I came up - that we had hoped would also be its domain name - recently became the title of a television show on a network owned by a billionaire. Needless to say, the show's title is also its website's domain name and, as you might've guessed, I simply do not have the resources to compete with billionaires. Let that be a lesson to you: when you have an idea, do not hesitate to pursue it. Anyway...

It was my brother-in-love (you should use that when you're a fan of your extended family members) who suggested the Corner of Candid and Concerned. He said, "If you can picture those in the vein of Malcom X in Harlem speaking to their people...or, when you give directions to the lost, you say, at the corner of Canal and Bourbon, take a left. I am assuming you are using your blog to give direction to the lost and, knowing you, it will be frank, honest and sincere (candid). You are doing it because you care (concerned)."

My BNL hit the nail on the head. When I look at what's going on around me, I am definitely concerned. For many years, I've used Facebook as my outlet - the place where I vent, make jokes, point out the inequities I see, and connect with my people. But, truth be told, it is limiting. With our short attention spans, who really wants to read a post with multiple paragraphs? Plus, I needed a space where I could be completely candid. Finally, I wanted to also bring some levity to my posts; so, I added "a lil' bit crazy" to the title. By the way, crazy is not an insult and I very much will speak my slang, my vernacular, and use my colloquialisms all up and through MY blog.

So, why name my blog, At My Corner? Why not? Ya dig!

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