Can We Call It Like It Is?

I'm a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres. She's a Louisianan, after all. However, since I've been back in the "workforce", I haven't had many opportunities to enjoy her daytime talk show. Fortunately, she posts clips on the internet. Thank you, EllenTV!

If you're in the know, you may have heard of the "Running Man Challenge". Let's call it the RMC. I had heard of it but I didn't really know from whence it came or why I should give any damns about it. Well, thanks to my girl, Ellen (for the record, I'm friends with many celebrities in my mind), I got to learn all about the RMC. Check out this clip.

It was actually really cool learning about the genesis of the dance (though, the "Running Man" was an altogether different dance move when I was growing up but I digress) and how the basketball players from Maryland popularized it. It was all fun and games until Ellen, true to form, started handing out gifts.

Now, anyone who has watched a daytime talk show in the history of daytime talk shows, knows that, next to Oprah, Ellen gives the BEST gifts. THE. BEST. I mean, she and her sponsors are about "dat gift-giving life." So, can you imagine what it must've felt like when the two high schoolers received $10,000 from Shutterfly towards their college education and the Maryland b-ball players - you know, the guys who popularized the RMC - couldn't get anything monetary towards their college education because of NCAA rules? Sure, many will say, "Well, their tuition, room, and board are already paid for. They are getting a free education!" Yep, they are. But, think about it: Ellen couldn't even gift these young men with $20 for a combo meal and a 6-pack of Gatorade. You know, so that, maybe, they could eat after practice. I mean, who knows, their high metabolism might call for more meals than the average student. Instead, they got underwear.

After seeing this, I couldn't help but think about that time when John Oliver broke the NCAA down on his show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

This year, those two young men helped Maryland make it to the Sweet 16...and all they got was underwear.

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