Chin Up!

While I consider myself to be spiritual, I am not overly or overtly religious. As a matter fact, when I pray for some sort of direction, I sometimes have to say, "God, now, when you answer me, please make it simple and explicit. Don't send signs, symbols or clues. I need you to be very direct." That's how I am so that's how I expect Him to be with me. More often than not, I still feel as though I miss His responses. But, every now and then, when I am truly attuned with my inner self, I hear Him speak clearly. Yesterday, I had such a moment.

For some reason, I do my best thinking in the shower. Maybe it's because I have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do except the task at hand. This is usually when I pray. Except, yesterday, I don't actually remember praying or asking God for any specific guidance. With the millions of thoughts that were running through my head, maybe He knew I needed a word. And, He was right.

Thinking about a situation that recently occurred between me and someone I considered one of my closest friends, I recognized and acknowledged that I was very disappointed in my friend. Now, here's the thing about me: I take friendship very seriously. Sometimes, I'd say, too seriously. I've been told that I get easily disappointed because I expect an equal level of reciprocity in my relationships. Those closest to me insist that I place unrealistic expectations on others. In other words, I want them to act or react to a situation in the same way that I might. Hey, there could be some truth to that but the jury's still out. :-) When I am disappointed in my relationships - friendships, familial, work or otherwise - my reaction is often to "love from a distance." But, if you really care about someone, there is a great deal of hurt and pain associated with walking away from him/her. Even worse is when he/she walks away from me.

But, without even asking, I received a simple gift: sometimes people we consider our friends will disappoint us. We may walk away from them. They may walk away from us. Leaving is never easy but it is often necessary. Sometimes, it is a temporary leave. Other times, it is permanent. Regardless, God assured me that I have no need to feel disappointed because He has anointed and appointed someone (or many) to step up, step in and change things for my good.

So, chin up, people! We have no reason to feel disappointed when someone leaves us. Let them do so and wish them well. It is usually required so that we can make room for a new blessing.